The one bit of sequencing I did last year had to do with 5 10watt RGB LED floods. The floods I used were these ones on Amazon. I also purchased a couple of DMX controllers to play around with. The three I purchased are as follows: 12 channel RGB controller, 3 channel RGB Controller, and I also purchased a 3 channel Constant Current Controller to play around with trying to power a 50watt 36 volt flood. I purchased the following transformer, although one such as this that I purchased later would have been a better investment allowing for future expansion. The last item needed was a waterproof enclosure and 4 conductor wire.

Putting this all together was rather simple. I ended up ordering several different flood lights to find one that I could easily take apart and make work. The thing to remember about LED’s is that pushing too much voltage in them will likely destroy the LED’s. To power the lights off of these controllers, there needs to be something to limit the voltage. In these particular floods by this particular vendor, the boards had three resistors built in. I just cut the boards to keep the resistors and soldered the wires onto them. These worked great. Please see the pictures below for more information. For my wiring, I used black for positive, white for green and kept red and blue corresponding to the correct colors. These controllers were constant voltage, which means that they share a common positive +. The controllers have separate negative – connections for the three colors.

If I get a chance to make a 50watt RGB flood, I will post information on how I did that.

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