Last year, I bought a DIY CNC machine by This year, I upgraded to their newer model which has allowed me to cut coroplast. Often, I get asked “where do you get the lights from”. Well, the lights are bought from several online vendors. A search of WS2811 pixels will quickly produce a list of vendors of the lights. Through the years, I have migrated to different controller boards – not I have a good mix of both falcon controllers and Kulp controllers. But purchasing the ‘lights’ is really just the beginning of putting on a light show.

Much of the labor involved is putting together props. In years past, I have purchased these from several companies that specialize in pixel coro props. However, with my own CNC machine, all the props we added this year were completely made in-house. This includes the two giant wreaths and spinners on the church. We have several other props made that will be featured in the church’s cemetery drive through even this year. They will be added to our show next year (bells, angels and candy canes).

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