Over at HolidayCoro.com, I found that they hold ‘presale’ sales. I found their prices to be very competitive and so I placed an order for what I needed to update my house to pixels this coming year. Some of the products that I purchased were Pixel Rectangle Modules for updating my advent wreath, Pixel Strawberry C9 Bulbs for my roof line (both floors), 30/30 strip to make a matrix (will probably end up being 30×15), various Nodes to replace lights in words (these were almost cheaper than the dumb strings of LED lights I purchased from Home Depot), and various pixel strips. I also purchased an AlphaPix 4 controller as I figured I could do power injection throughout the display and as my house is pretty condensed (32ft long by maybe a little higher), I figured this would reach many areas of my display without even needing null nodes.

After completing this rather large order, I soon discovered HolidayCoro’s stuff box sales and other clearance items. I have placed 3 rather small orders including 2 stuff box’s and some materials to make a mega tree. The first stuff box I have already received and included 31 30/10 pixel strips with various issues. These strips would not work for a 16′ mega tree, but for the projects I plan (smaller trees, various designs, etc), these will work great. I also ordered one of their QuickTree toppers and 30 PixNode strips that were on clearance. The QuickTree topper I honestly do not know what is wrong with it. The PixNode strips were cut with small pieces of plastic attached to them still. All I did was sand off these (you can see them all over my work bench in the picture below). This was a great bargain for these products. The second stuff box I ordered was rather cheap and includes various DMX controllers, pixels, power supplies and cable. I will post a picture of this once I receive this box of ‘stuff’.

Quick Tree Topper and base as well as one set of pixnode strips.

Quick Tree Topper and base as well as one set of pixnode strips.

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